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Literally Saves My Life
by: C L

   Literally Saves My Life, *

Friday 21 September, 2018

Literally Saves My LifeI'm in hiding from my abusive ex and this service makes it so that I don't have to show my face in public (ie get noticed by someone who's on his side) and thus ensures my safety. Knowing that guy, I wouldn't put him above murder, so I live every day in fear of him. This service alleviates that fear to an extent, as it greatly lowers the chance of said event occurring!

Admin: That's a really sad and terrifying testimonial. Name has been reduced to initials only. Happy to be of service.

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What a sweetheart!

We just moved to Edmonton without a vehicle and realized we had minimal access to grocery stores. I found this site and was hesitant to give it a try...

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