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This service is amazing!
by: Alaina T

   This service is amazing!, *

Wednesday 03 January, 2018

This service is amazing!I can't drive and due to an accident, my fiance isn't able to drive for a while. With the weather being what it's been and after months of taking public transit or cabs to get food I was hit with an illness that's kept me indoors mostly and so even getting groceries was a problem. I had no idea such a service existed in Edmonton! The website was easy to use (I used my smart phone), I was contacted right away when they had a question about my order and it was delivered within the time they said it would be, not even 40 minutes into the window. Jared was friendly and offered to carried my order in and let me check it all over. I would be very tempted to continue using this service even after things get back to normal and will definitely be recommending this to anyone who may benefit from it.

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