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Cara Cara Red Flesh Navel Oranges 3 lb 12/01/2020
Clementine Oranges 2 lb 12/01/2020
Jazz Apples each (180-190) 12/01/2020
Red Plums each (130-150) 11/01/2020
Seedless Mandarin Oranges each (100-130) 11/01/2020
Organic Celery Stalks each (725-1100) 11/01/2020
Farmer’s Market Sweet Corn 4's 10/25/2020
Farmer’s Market Sweet Corn 5's 10/25/2020
Autumn Glory Apples each (150-220) 10/01/2020
Organic Bosc Pears 3 lb 10/01/2020

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Wonderful Grocery Delivery Service!

I found using a Google Search and tried them for the first time and was very pleased. Made my order in the afternoon and received my...

Great service!

I started this service when I was ill and could not leave the home. I liked the pay at the door option and the delivery was on time, food was picked...

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