Conditions of Use

Effective pricing

Special prices expire at about 4pm of the effective day. If order creation and delivery date do not fall on the same day, prices may reflect the prices effective on the day of delivery and (meanwhile) expired special may not be honored. To avoid disappointment and ensure you receive the pricing you see on the website, please place your order no later than 10 am.

Pricing errors

To err is human. On occasion an item may be seriously mispriced due to human error. We reserve the right to short mispriced items from the order.

Product temporarily or permanently not available

As part of our commitment to providing the best customer service, and unless otherwise instructed, we will attempt to substitute an item you ordered which is not available, with a comparable item, and adjust the final bill accordingly. Please advise at time of order if you would rather not have substitutions. If no comparable product is available the item will be shorted from the order.

Reward Points

Reward Points are earned on every transaction. Reward Points are also earned by you on every transaction made by people who were referred by you for as long as they remain active customers.

First Time Orders

Due to the potential for prank orders that may get us stuck with a lot of product, prepayment via e-transfer or Paypal is required on first time orders.

Credits & Refunds

Typically we will issue credits toward your reward points balance to be used on future orders, unless the difference is significant or a refund is requested. We will issue refunds as applicable. Please be aware that purchases made with Paypal will have refunds also processed via Paypal. Sometimes these refunds are instant, and sometimes Paypal requires 5-7 business days for processing refunds.

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Awesome Service

We have been ordering from this service to downtown for a few months now and it is an unbelievable service highly recommended. Ordered 8+ times and...

Fabulous service

I recently broke my foot and couldn't get around. This service is a lifesaver for me.

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